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Introducing Cosmetic SCENAR Therapy

Widely used in post plastic surgery recovery treatments, it shortens the recovery time, helps with the healing process, reduces inflammation and tenderness, eliminates scar formation and in addition helps to prevent infection and fever.


Scenar Therapy works through the skin, stimulating nervous system circuits throughout the body and helps to establish balance. 

Scenar works via its Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulation to rejuvenate the nervous system and a happy well working Nervous System keeps us looking beautiful naturally.

This new technology provides a healthy, long term appearance to the skin, with the bonus of the whole-body energy boost.


Here are a Few Conditions that we can treat with SCENAR Therapy:

– Wrinkle Reduction
– Non-Surgical Facelift & Toning
– Crows Feet
– Double Chin
– Dark Circles
– Dull Complexion
– Dry or Oily Skin Acne
– Scars
– Lymphatic Drainage