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What is Dermaplaning?

Generally, there is no downtime associated with Dermaplaning. After the treatment, your skin will be sensitive to sun exposure and may look slightly pink/flushed, so be sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF30 or higher to reduce risk of hyperpigmentation.

You will immediately look more radiant with a more even skin tone & texture. All your “Peach Fuzz” will be gone, which is why first-timers say their skin has never felt so soft before. As with any exfoliation treatment, the best results of Dermaplaning will be achieved after a series of treatments (3-4 weekly apart). 

“Many women are often concerned that shaving their “Peach Fuzz” will make it grow back heavier and darker, but that’s actually not the case. Superficial vellus hair (Peach Fuzz) will grow back at the same rate & same texture as it was before the treatment.”

- Anonymous

What other treatments can be incorporated?

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